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Important Note:
We only guarantee compatiblity of software documents created using SimCalc MathWorlds® for Computers (.2mw files).

Main Features:

  • Work with up to 30 computers on a network.
  • Work with multiple representations (tables, graphs, function expressions, animations, narratives).
  • Dynamic Interactive Algebra
  • Use wireless and wired networks (out-the-box) to aggregate student's work in mathematically meaningful ways.
  • Design new and exciting mathematical models and activities.
  • Work with activities that meet NCTM Standards/Focal Points and many State Frameworks.
  • Experience new ways of teaching Algebra in middle grades, high school grades and PreCalculus.
  • Develop new activities of undergraduate College Algebra and Calculus courses.
  • Access lots of curriculum for free that supplements/replaces core mathematics in grades 6-12.
  • Simulations of various time-based models (e.g., Position/Velocity, Finance).
  • Create opportunities for mathematical performances and participatory aggregations (e.g., families of functions).
  • Enhance Participation and Motivation in your classrooms (as shown by research).
  • Configure activities to meet pedagogical strategies.
  • NEW FEATURE: Import data from popular classroom science probes for analysis using multiple, linked mathematical representations.


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