Fraction Bars Software

Fraction Bars is a software manipulative environment to support students in understanding fractional pieces, operations with fractions, and notions of fair share. Fraction Bars works with an area model using rectangles. Students are able to create rectangles of any size, and split them into smaller pieces to compare the resulting fractional pieces against each other.

Fractions Bars runs in your browser (using JavaScript and other goodies) so there is nothing to download; just click the button below! For more information and support on how to use fraction bars with students, get the Fraction Bars Users Guide.


Fraction Bars requires a browser with good HTML5 compatibility. The latest version of a major browser is strongly recommended. Although Fraction Bars works in a number of browsers, most testing has taken place in Firefox 22 and Chrome 28. If you have trouble, you might try using those.

Click to launch Fraction Bars


Download the Fraction Bars Users Guide which contains instructions, sample lessons, and problems!


Programming: James Patrick Burke and Jason Orrill
Inspiration: This Javascript version of Fraction Bars is based on the Transparent Media desktop version of Fraction Bars, which in turn was based on the original TIMA Bars software by John Olive and Leslie Steffe. We thank them for allowing us to update that product.

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