Challenges and strategies for assessing mathematical knowledge for teaching

Chandra Orrill, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Ok-Kyeong Kim, Western Michigan University
Susan Peters, University of Louisville
Alyson Lischka, Middle Tennessee State University
Cindy Jong, University of Kentucky
Wendy Sanchez, Kennesaw State University
Jennifer Eli, The University of Arizona

Mathematics Teacher Education and Development, 2015, (online first)

Developing and writing assessment items that measureteachers' knowledge is an intricate and complex undertaking. In this paper, webegin with an overview of what is known about measuring teacher knowledge. Wethen highlight the challenges inherent in creating assessment items that focusspecifically on measuring teachers' mathematical knowledge for teaching. Weoffer insights into three practices we have found valuable towards overcomingchallenges in our own cross-disciplinary work to create assessment items formeasuring teachers' mathematical knowledge for teaching.


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