Curriculum — Package Structure

Our aim is not to just replace existing algebra curriculum, but transform the core concepts normally covered to improve students' success with procedural and conceptual questions in deeper, more sustainable ways. Our work over the past 10 years has shown that our approach impacts participation and motivation in fundamental ways too. Based upon prior work, we believe that this approach will affect students long-term motivation to study mathematics past Algebra 2 and enter STEM-related careers.

We will provide lots of direction at the beginning and then less support as the teacher and students gain more experience. Each of these teacher-led activities has a student handout to accompany it. Each unit has 1-3 activities and, in some cases, the activities have extensions to extend the activity further. All activities have homework and/or journal assignments for students to complete after they have finished an activity. The teacher documents for each activity provide further details. All activities in each unit require a wireless network so the teacher can send the activity to the class. For many of the units, there is variation in students' work across the class. In these activities, individual students or groups will not have unique functions; the functions may vary by group number or count-off number and part of the lesson will require students to make predictions and generalizations about the variation across the class. Each student contribution will be a part of the family of functions that will emerge when all work is displayed together. However, at any point during an activity, students' work can be collected (or received) to check progress or accuracy throughout the class period.