SimCalc MathWorlds® Curriculum
Algebra 1
covers topics including functions, slope, rate of change,
solving systems by graphing,
writing the equaiton of a line ...
View all Algebra 1 topics covered and correlations to specific textbooks.
Algebra 2
covers topics including linear, quadratic and exponential motion,
rate and differences in position,
families of functions ...
View all Algebra 2 topics covered and correlations to specific textbooks.

SimCalc allows the user to view and manipulate traditional functional representations such as graphs, tables and expressions (e.g., y=mx+b), and each of these are linked to a motion in an animated "world." For example, you can change the slope of a graph, which directly changes the motion of a soccer player running across a field. Students are able to complete activities in SimCalc on their computer and the teacher is be able to collect their work on a computer and display it publicly. The teacher is then be able to re-animate the motions that the students have created and show or hide multiple representations at once.

The SimCalc curriculum is mapped to Massachusetts Frameworks, NCTM Standards and the Common Core Standards. Approximately 30% of our 9-12th grade MA frameworks are addressed in our Algebra 1 & 2 curriculum. We also attend to various topics under the NCTM Standards including Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, and Measurement as well as each of the Process Standards.

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