Resources Available

Kaput Center Advisory Board
An 100+ affiliation of faculty and researchers who could potentially be a co-advisor on the student's project or offer you a place for student internship. See

Kaput Center International Partners
We are presently negotiating agreements with various institutions in Mexico, Brazil and Europe to establish research partnerships and institutional arrangements to support research collaboration and student exchanges.

Kaput Center Institutional Partners
In addition to standard student facilities, the STEM Education and Teacher Development department is closely affiliated with the Kaput Center and its research operations. Research students will have access to the resources of the Kaput Center including research equipment (e.g. computers, audio-video recording instruments, high-fidelity video processing facilities, video conferencing equipment, latest versions of most software in educational research and mathematics education, electronic resources to store data and share ideas (i.e., MySql databases, websites, servers, Blogs, Wikis), local and campus library resources and full electronic access to various journal services.