Career Opportunities

Our graduates will be highly competitive in today's marketplace for educational scholars within a wide range of actual employment classifications. The primary career trajectories that our program specifically focuses on supporting are:

  1. Scholars Entering Higher Education and, in particular, the Professoriate (including 2-4 year colleges)
  2. Research Scientists in Research Institutions/Think-Tank Centers

In addition, graduates of the program could successfully enter into more applied research

  1. Advanced agency or industry settings focused on improving educational attainment; and
  2. Research and Development in the design and implementation of advanced learning technologies and associated resources.
  3. We anticipate that many students will come from the ranks of teaching practitioners (e.g., at elementary, secondary, or 2-4 year college levels) as well as education-related fields (e.g., software and curriculum design, research centers). As they proceed through our program, many will advance to different careers or career levels, while others will return with a new expertise and productivity to an existing career.