Symposium: Teacher Preparation and Evaluation

Suzanne Wilson, Ph.D.
University of Connecticut

Dr. Suzanne M. Wilson is the Neag Endowed Professor of Teacher Education at the University of Connecticut. Prior to that, she served as chair and professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Michigan State University for 27 years. Dr. Wilson was the rst director of the Teacher Assessment Project, which developed prototype assessments for the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. She is author of California Dreaming: Reforming Mathematics Education (Yale, 2003), and editor of Lee Shulman's collection of essays, Wisdom of practice: Essays on teaching, learning, and learning to teach (Jossey-Bass, 2004). Wilson serves on multiple editorial and advisory boards; she is also a member of the National Research Council's Board on Science Education and the National Academy of Education. Dr. Wilson's current work concerns developing measures of teacher knowledge for use in teacher education, professional development, and education research, as well as a study of the jurisdictional battles over who should control teacher education and licensure.

Overview of the symposium

The symposium is organized into two main sessions. The first is a Workshop where Professor Wilson will discuss with PhD students and Faculty issues surrounding teacher preparation and evaluation, and the implications these have on research in this area. The second session is a Plenary Talk where Professor Wilson will discuss historical and contemporary arguments concerning who should teach, how teachers should be prepared and supported, and how they should be evaluated.

Workshop Video Clips

Opening/Discussion Opening/Discussion (continued) Post Breakout Group Dsicussion/Closing

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