Symposium: Mathematical Creativity - Musings from the Past Decade

Bharath Sriraman, Ph.D.
University of Montana

Bharath Sriraman is a Professor of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Montana. Prof. Sriraman's scholarship and research interests demonstrate an evolving expertise in international mathematics education, creativity, interdisciplinary initiatives involving mathematics and its connections to the arts and sciences, as well as talent development and innovation. In these fields, he is known internationally and nationally for his significant contributions to scholarship as evidenced in numerous editorships and editorial appointments to prestigious journals and book series. Prof. Sriraman is the founding editor of The Mathematics Enthusiast, Advances in Creativity and Giftedness and Advances in Innovation Education. He is the co-Founder and Co- Series Editor of Advances in Mathematics Education, Creativity Theory and Action in Education, and serves on the editorial panels of journals such as Thinking Skills and Creativity, Journal of Creative Behavior, Psychology of Popular Media Culture, ZDM, Interchange: A Quarterly Review of Education, and numerous other journals on creativity, giftedness and thinking skills. He is widely published in his areas of interest and has also held 25 visiting professorships at various international institutions.

Overview of the symposium

The symposium is organized into two main sessions. The first is a Workshop where Professor Sriraman will discuss with PhD students and Faculty the theoretical foundations and defining the construct of mathematical creativity. The second session is a Plenary Talk where Professor Sriraman will discuss mathematical pathologies as pathways into creativity.

Click here for information on the second session of the symposium, the Plenary talk