Symposium: An Integrated View on Mathematics Conceptual Learning

Dr. Martin Simon
New York University

Dr. Martin Simon is a Professor of Mathematics Education at New York University. His research focuses on understanding mathematics learning, particularly the process by which students develop mathematical concepts through their activity in the context of a series of mathematical tasks. His current NSF-funded project combines basic research in this area with research on a measurement-based approach to fostering strong fraction and ratio concepts. His earlier research focused on the development of teachers as they learn to teach mathematics with a conceptual focus. He has developed new research methodologies and published articles on issues of quality in qualitative mathematics education research and the use of multiple theories of learning.

Overview of the symposium

The symposium is organized into two main sessions. The first is a Workshop where Dr. Simon will present and discuss with PhD students and Faculty the justication of his research questions on mathematics conceptual development, as well as their context in the field of mathematics education research. Issues related to the building up of bridges between different perspectives on learning will be addressed. The second session is a Plenary Talk where Dr. Simon will focus on theoretical and methodological implications of his research on conceptual learning of students through their own mathematical activity in well-designed task sequences.

Workshop Video Clips

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Click here to watch video from the second session of the symposium, the Plenary talk