Symposium: Mathematics Education and Social Justice

Marilyn Frankenstein, M.A.
University of Massachusetts Boston

Marilyn Frankenstein is a Professor at the College of Public and Community Service (CPCS), one of the six colleges at the University of Massachusetts/Boston (UMB). The focus of her work is convincing people that quantitative reasoning is vital to understanding and acting to create a more just world; and that all of us can understand and reason quantitatively. She is currently working on Go Figure: A Half-Life in the Struggle to Count, an edited collection of her articles, interspersed with political and professional memoir. She is also co-editor, along with Rutgers University Professor Arthur B. Powell, of Ethnomathematics: Challenging Eurocentrism in Mathematics Education. In April 2014, she was a recipient of the Clara Lemlich Social Activist Award honoring "women who have been working for the larger good their entire lives in the tradition of those who sparked so many reforms in the aftermath of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire over one hundred years ago."

Overview of the symposium

The symposium is organized into two main sessions. The first is a Workshop where Professor Frankenstein will discuss with PhD students and Faculty what social justice in mathematics education means and issues regarding methodologies around research in this area. The second session is a Plenary Talk where Professor Frankenstein will discuss social justice education based on her critical mathematical literacy teaching experience over the last 30 years.

Workshop Video Clips

Opening/Discussion Post Breakout Group Dsicussion/Closing

Click here to watch video from the second session of the symposium, the Plenary talk