Symposium: Foundational Issues in Mathematics Education #1

March 20-21, 2008

The purpose of this symposium is to discuss ways of addressing foundational issues in mathematics education. The preliminary set of issues to be focused on include:

*New forms of communication and participation (verbal and non-verbal, e.g. gesture) in the classroom particularly the changing role of identity
*The roles of technology in changing the means and purposes of Mathematics Education - with special foci, initially, on the impact of classroom connectivity, dynamic mathematics/media & new representational infrastructures
*The roles and nature of proof and justification across Mathematics Education from kindergarten through graduate study
*The issue of the best way to account for students understanding and personal meaning attached to mathematical knowledge (either concepts, know how, skills, etc.)
*Plausible curricular futures in Mathematics Education - Trajectories for next generation Standards and beyond (across and within topic areas)
*The changing nature of the mathematics of change and variation in the computational medium - complexity and dynamical mathematics
*The historical evolution of representation in mathematics and its deeper impact
*The nature of the capacity for change at the individual, school, district and regional levels {please replace with international nouns} and how these capacities interact
*Social, cultural and political impacts on change based upon new innovations in mathematics education and the learning sciences
*Conditions that support having an impact in the real world

Overview of the symposium

The symposium is organized across two days. Video clips of the discussions can be found below.

Day 1 Video Clips

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Part 4

Day 2 Video Clips

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Part 4

Associates of the Kaput Center wish to thank the National Science Foundation for partly funding this symposium.