Todd Campbell
University of Connecticut, USA

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Research Interests: Factors influencing reform in science education

  • Science teacher professional development (pre-service & in-service)
  • Inquiry and Model Based Inquiry instructional strategies
  • Technology integration in science education

Research Pathway

Funded Grant Projects/Professional Development Project Websites
Principal Investigator ($2,500,000). Cyber-Enabled Learning: Digital Natives in Integrated Scientific Inquiry Classrooms
National Science Foundation, DR K-12 DRL-6985958 (Funded: September 1, 2012 - August 31, 2015)
Collaborative proposal submitted with Drs. Paul Wolf and Dan Coster from the USU College of Science, Dr. Brett Shelton from USU College of Education, and Drs. Shiangkwei Wang and Hui-Yin Hsu from the New York Institute of Technology.
Role: Principal Investigator and Primary Writer
Project Website:

Principal Investigator ($350,000). Northern Utah Science Teaching Laboratory Initiative
Mathematics and Science Partnership Program with oversight from the Utah State Office of Education (Funded: 2009-2012)
Collaborative proposal submitted with Co-PI Dr. J.R. Dennison, Professor of Physics at USU, Cache, Logan, and Box Elder School Districts and InTech Collegiate High School.
Role: Principal Investigator and Primary Writer
Project Website: http://



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