Director of the Kaput Center

Currently, the leadership of the Kaput Center has a shared governance structure consisting of three dimensions:

1. As the Chairperson of the Kaput Center Board, Dr. Walter Stroup focuses on internal and external representation/advocacy of the Center.
2. As the Interim Academic Director, Dr. Beste Güçler focuses on coordinating and executing the intellectual and academic missions of the Center.
3. As Interim Administrative Director, Dr. Chandra Orrill focuses on the effective functioning of the Center, grants, and operations

If you wish to contact the Kaput Center, please send an email to

Former Director: The previous and a founding director of the Kaput Center was Dr. Stephen Hegedus. He has been the PI/Co-PI of various NSF-funded and US Department of Education (IES)-funded projects. His work focused on the development and study of dynamic software environments with associated curriculum focusing on classroom connectivity and haptic (force-feedback) technology. This work also involved the professional development of pre and in-service teachers and large-scale integration of innovative technologies into K-12 curriculum. To read his farewell remarks, click here.